lo of myself lol

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lo of myself lol

here's another lo of myself as a kid. I am doing 2 of me and 2 of dh. I like the paper I found for this one...It says Kawen instead of Karen cuz until about 4 I couldn't say my own name properly. My family still calls me kawen lol
(oh and by the way, the top pic is in my "brownies" outfit ..I didn't normally dress THAT bad Lol )

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You know what? You look so much like you did at 4! It's amazing. :eek: I mean you look older obviously, but you haven't changed much. So cute! I really like this page! you did nice on it. Doing the title "Kawen" sure added a personal touch.

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hehe. yeah i hear that a lot. i may look different if i was motivated enough to wear makeup but I'm not. LOL

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That's such a fun idea. The colors are so girly and cute, and I love how you arranged everything on the page.

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oh, what a great idea!!! one of these days, I'll capture myself as a child on a page.

but for kicks, you should probably add when the pictures were taken. when you're long gone, no one will know ...

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How cute! I love the fact that you put how you said your name. That makes me want to do one. I used to say my name funny too. Lol TFS!

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What perfect 'little girl' paper - and I love the Kawen title Biggrin

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Awww, very cute. I love the pink with the flower and butterfly. It turned out great. You were a cute child.

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thats a great page--I love the paper

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What a great LO! You're so stinkin cute!

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great lo! LOVE the paper..:D

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Lol Love the nickname on the LO. Great job!