Is this LO too static?

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Is this LO too static?

Im having the hardest time getting my creative mojo back.
I have this picture of my son from last week. I LOVE it. and I got this kit to scrap it with

I know its really plain and nothing exciting, so any advice is wonderful. I honestly think that when I gave birth to my last kid any creativity in me came out with him. Ive been bone dry since he was born.

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I like it, the only think i might change is the back ground or the Pool party title, I like the pool party part but the color and font just aren't doing anything for me.
But other than that I love the picture and the way the lay out is set up.

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I love it! Do you have any other pictures? I'm usually a pretty simple girl myself (our styles seem to be really similar!) but I'm thinking another picture kinda ahead of the larger one you have might be good, where the slide is now. I would just make it a wallet-sized one, maybe of him splashing or something if you have that?

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I think it looks great! I'd add just a smidge of journaling, or maybe just a note on there about why you love this photo. The pool party title would go well with some journaling about whose party it was and when it happened. I just think that when he looks back on this page 20 years from now, he won't know when/where it was or that you loved this photo so much. But I'm with you, that's a great picture. Smile

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That is a great picture of your son! I think it's a great layout as well, sometimes simple is perfect to show off the photos. I do like Ashley's idea about another photo to layer onto there.

I totally understand the frustration of the "is this layout done" feeling! Been there more than a few times myself. Take a look at it in another day and see if you still feel that way. Smile

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I like it. I love the colors and how the pic is the main attraction. I would keep it just like it is!

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I am not good at critiquing, but do think it would benefit from some journaling. That is a GREAT picture, and your siggy pic is so cute too. Your kids are beautiful. I'm not sure I"ve met you before, if I have I'm sorry to not remember. I'd love to hear more about you.

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I love that picture! I think it's great, but I would add some more drop shadows - on the sun and slide especially. I would also love to see some journalling on it too, even the basic 'who, what, when' sort of thing. You could try framing the photo with the same blue paper you used for the background too, to make it pop some more.

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Love the colors. Overall it is really cute. I agree that shadows and journaling would be good.

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that's too cute! what a great photo of your son