Loads of pages (very pic heavy!)

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Loads of pages (very pic heavy!)

Got parental permission...And some are just of me as a kid and such...

These are some pages of kid's I've taken care of over time nannying and special needs care and what not:

This will probably be my summer entry

And this will be my non-rectangular photo entry

My husband and the boy I nannied who is now coming to our home daycare Biggrin

And some of me as a kid and beyond that I wanted done...

as soon as i get the date and airline I am going to print it on the plane

I hate the color of this paper but with all these new pages and no income it was all I had left. lol

okay this one has very special meaning behind it....there are 6 siblings, but we grew up as 5...my mom got pregnant at only 14 and had to give my oldest sister up for adoption at the time....we knew we had another sister out there but couldn't find her...one day out of the blue her adoptive mom (her mom, as she raised her) got ahold of my grandma! It was so surreal but my oldest sis wanted to meet all of us! We all met just a few days later and she just clicked straight away as if she had always been with us. It was amazing and I love her dearly. Tomorrow's her bday actually Biggrin So this is a 2 page layout...

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Karen those are fabulous!!! I had to laugh at the 1st apartment LO! They are great! TFS

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First, you have amazingly beautiful handwriting! With print like yours', I would never use a computer to type up my journaling!

#1. The flowers in the bottom right corner and surf board is so cute!
#2.You took the challenge great here! Love all the circles and the pics.
#3. The photos are so good! You guys look like you adore kids...you're gonna make the best parents. I also like all the paper squares.
#4. Nice design layout with using a circle photo and a rectangular-shaped one.
#5. LOVE the idea here! That second photo says it all. Fun page!! Title rocks too.
#6. Again, shape of photos and journaling is great.
#7. Colors are great! So are the paisleys.
#8. How cool is that stitching around the clouds?!?! I love it!
#9. Love the memory you scrapped here!
#10. One of my favorites. The journaling on the flower leaves was perfect! So are the mini-pics on the left.
#11. Again, your choice of papers match the photos really well. Postcards bring the theme together!
#12. I think this IS my favorite of these! What a great LO!
#13 and #14. The triangles are a good design element. You made me want to try them. And I love the embellishments.
#15. The stitching detail and buttons were perfect for this.
#16. Smile Great title with the letter masking.
#17. Ahhh! Love the big heart in the background and word blocks.
#18 and #19. Scrapbooking is all about memories like that. Great job!

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You sure have been busy! I loves lots of your ideas, especially the little surfboard, SO cute! The story about your oldest sister is very sweet. How wonderful that you got to meet after so long!

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wow, you've been busy! love that you have so many memories of so many kids. and it's neat seeing pages of you as a kid - so cool that you're doing that!

and I love the story of meeting your sister - great pages too! my grandma gave her first two daughters up (lot more complicated than that, really - I think her first husband's mom took them away from where Grandma lived). anyhow I remember my mom telling me about how she met her two older half sisters much later in life. they're in their 70s now, I think. your layout made me think of it.

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very nice LO's Smile It is hard to pick a fave...but I especially like the "splish splash" one, the car wash LO, and the first apartment Smile That is an awesome quilt in that one LO...that was great that the principal recognized all your hard work! I agree with Charys, that last 2 page spread is such a great memory to scrap. What a great story Smile

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They all turned out beautifully! You've been busy girl! Im ashamed since I havent done anything in a LONG time! Im impressed! Wonderful work!

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Wow!! You are so talented. I loved looking at them all!! I love all the little extras that you add to each page. I can't pic a favorite but if I had to I'd say it would be the first two pages. All the littles in the pool is so cute. Great work. TFS!!

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Wow, you've been busy, those are all great! I really laughed at the apartment one!