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Locked out

Anyone else locked out? For 3 days pg.org told me my password was wrong. It was the same one I have been using forever. I was going nuts cause I could read but not type at all. Oh duh, I guess if anyone is locked out then you can't type to tell us. Anyways just telling you all why I was gone Smile

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I'm sorry you have been unable to log in. I asked Admin to take a look and it appears that your profile is still incomplete. This is what is causing the issue.

On the main home page after you log in, you will need to click on edit profile and then go through each of the tabs and make sure to fill in ALL the spaces indicated by the red * so that they are complete. Unfortunately, until this is done, you may continue to experience issues.

Once you have done this, we then recommend that you clear your cache (ie delete cookies/temp files/history/etc.) on all computers/other devices you access PO with.

After completing these steps, if for some reason you still experience difficulties then please contact Missy ([EMAIL=missyj@pregnancy.org]missyj@pregnancy.org[/EMAIL]) and she can reset the account/send you new login instructions.

You can find a more detailed explanation/instructions here.


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Thanks Smile I guess it was a good thing that I posted this!

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What Marla said is exactly what Missy told me a week or so ago and it worked perfectly when I did what she said. I haven't been logged out once since then!

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Bad Tia! Not finishing your profile! Lol Just teasing.

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I'm glad you got this figured out...though I'm rarely on here, I would hate not to see Tia Posts. Wink LOve you girly!!