Long time lurker in need of ideas

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Long time lurker in need of ideas


My LO is turning one in TWO MONTHS!

I cant beleive it, and I want to make her invitation with my scrapbooking software, but I have scapbookers block and need some creative/girly ideas.


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I haven't made any invites yet with my scrapbooking stuff. Last year I just used a simple layout from my camera software. This year I am making my own. I can't wait.

Sorry I am no help. There are lots of ladies who have though. I am sure they can help you more than I did! Lol Let me ask this though, are you just planning on something girly, or are you doing a theme???

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:confused: I'm completely illiterate when it comes to digital scrapbooking, but I know Gwen and Stephanie have both done invites and they turned out really cute!! I did paper invites, but I don't think that's what you need help with, correct?

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I'm not sure what ideas I can give you. I always like to incorporate Andrea's pictures into my invites and thank you cards. Do you have a theme for the party yet? If you do, you could try to match the theme.

Here is a picture of Andrea's 1st birthday invite:

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I made some invites for my niece's first birthday in November. You could easily make it up in digital...

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Those are so cute! I'm getting Idea's for Eli's first birthday party! Smile