Look at this!!!!!!!!

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Look at this!!!!!!!!

I just went to ck's website to look how to submit my page when I saw a call...

Call for Holiday Quotes
We're looking for your favorite holiday quotes to use on scrapbook pages. This can be song lyrics, movie quotes, even quotes from that treasured fourth-grade poem of yours. As long as it's a festive sentiment that works well with scrapbooking, we want to see it.

Here's how to submit:
Send your quote (link below), including credit for the author/source between now and July 25.

If you have a holiday page where your quote is featured as a title, accent or in your journaling, you're invited to submit it as well.
> click here to submit an entry

This is perfect for the page I already made!!!!!!!
I just sent it in so cross your fingers that they pick it. I sent it to scrapbook trends awhile ago but never heard anything back but I would fall over if it could be in ck magazine.




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That's a very cute layout! wishing you luck!

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Very cute LO, I'm crossing my fingers for you! Good luck!

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I love the LO!!! Hope it makes it in:)

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that page has to win! its too adorable!

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That's a great page! Good luck, Tia!

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That page is awesome and it fits perfectly with the call!! Good Luck to you~

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The LO is great, what a great quote it is too, perfect with those pics. Good luck with getting it published.

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I always loved that one. GL Tia.

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I remember that layout! It's awesome, and I really hope they select it!!!!

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Good luck with your submission, that totally fits in!