Look! I scrapped!

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Look! I scrapped!

OK ... so it's a very simple page and I'll have to work extra hours tonight after everyone goes to bed to make up the time, but I *needed* to do SOMETHING, ya know. Smile And I'm fairly happy with it even though it is very simple.

anyway ... it's been several months since I've done *any* scrapping. I have sketches for at least 3 other l/o, so I'm hoping to get back on track now. It does feel good to be scrapping at least a tiny little bit.

anyway ... here is my latest effort:

I hope to be around a bit more in the coming weeks.


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Awwww....what a sweet story. Beautiful boy too. Great work.

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That's a great page! nice work on the journaling, it really tells the story. I wouldn't change a thing!

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Gigi, that looks great! Glad you made the time to do that page. Love the journaling that goes with it. Loli looks so happy, he really does love doing that which is awesome! Way to capture it. Smile

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AMAZING as always! I LOVE your work! Sounds like he is doing wonderful! Biggrin

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Great page! Love the bold colors and journaling behind the good photos! Your boy is so cute!

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Love it. Your photo placement is fantastic and the colors are perfect!

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I love it. Way to get back into scrapbooking!

One little thing, I noticed that "acrobatic" was spelled wrong. At least I've never heard of "arcobatic". I do that all the time... switch letters.

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Oh that is great. I love all the journaling, what great memories you are including. The colors and page look fantasic with those great pictures.