Look what I got! (pic heavy)

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Look what I got! (pic heavy)

DH won this bid on Ebay for $120 for the 3 carts and the lady put in all this extra stuff! OMG! He didn't wrap all the extras b/c he thought it was just free junk!!!! ROFL

I can't wait to play with these new carts. I also got TBBM, and Everyday Paper dolls.

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Whoa!!! You scored big time on that deal! SWEET!!!

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She gave all that other stuff for Free? WOW That is awesome!!!! I hope you enjoy all of your new stuff.

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That is an awesome set of freebies!

I was going to let you know the Walmart on Old Fort still has some of the new carts for $40 in the craft section behind the scrapbooking aisle.

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wow thats a lot of stuff!! congrats on the good deal!!

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:wootjump: COOL!! So funny that your DH thought those were junk. Wink LOL, sounds like something DH would say too. hehe Can't wait to see what you create with them!

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That is an awesome score! Can't believe she put in all that stuff for free!

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What a deal!

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Great score!!! I am LOVING that Under The Mistletoe sticker! You so need to snap a pic of you and your man under the mistletoe before the holidays are up! Biggrin

On a side-note, my dh would've wrapped all the freebies up and taken credit for them. LOL

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DH thought it was junk? Funny man. That's an awesome lot of carts and cool stuff! Can't wait to see what you create with it. Smile

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Wow! That's awesome!!

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What a kind, kind seller. That's amazing. Such a great assortment of extras too. Yay!

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oh my gosh that is some amazing stuff!!! you lucky girl you!!!

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I can't believe your dh thought that was all junk - good thing he didn't chuck it! lol

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OMG are you kidding me!!! That is so awesome and so funny that your dh thought it was junk. That stuff alone is worth 120!

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Wow, look at all of that! What a great gift!

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Holy cow what awesome "junk". Very exciting!

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Wow! Just... wow! What a brilliant seller!

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