Look what Trina did for me

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Look what Trina did for me

I was desperate this morning. I needed to wrap SIL's gift, and I had an open slot and nothing I tried worked. She made the cousins sign for me while she's "enjoying" being snowed in.

Thanks Trina! It works out perfectly!
(The baby's picture on the top, with my son- his full face is visible when the picture is fully vertical)

It's a crazy weekend here. My parents are visiting and we're decorating and celebrating Christmas this weekend. DH and I did ALL the rest of our Christmas shopping yesterday. What a long day that was. But it's done... yay! Today has been hectic too. I'm looking forward to the week, just to recover from the weekend. ROFL However I wouldn't trade this for the world either. I haven't had a real Christmas with my parents in YEARS. This is awesome.

I'll have to catch up on all the other threads later. I'm sure lots of fabulous things are being made.

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That turned out GREAT!

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that looks awesome!

I love the "coming soon" picture, that rules. Smile

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thats a great gift! Biggrin

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Way cool, the coming soon part is really great. I love the cousins title Trina made too, what a great gift!

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What a great idea for the empty spot. Love it!

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Thanks! I hope she likes it. She's always telling me I don't send her enough pictures and then says she never has any place for them. Well now I can send pictures and she can update this... and when we get together we can get new pictures of my kids with her son.

My mom is demanding one saying grandkids instead and my husband wants me to make one and add family pictures to one of the horizontals and then 2 of the kids doing cute stuff and a family sign instead. So they like it at any rate. Smile

Just got done with Christmas and the kids are in bed. My brother and SIL bought us a new DVD player that will be compatible with our newer tv (unlike our current one) so we can just push play and see a movie without all the hacks we had to do before. While installing it I either broke the Wii plug-in or stalled the system. I'm letting it sit unplugged for 30 minutes and praying that the system resets. Grrr.

I thought I had a great Christmas but apparently my gift is coming on Christmas as my mom went in with my hubby on something. Now I'm curious...especially since I received a lot of nice things. I was informed those were things for the baby, not me. Um, okay. Baby got a microwave steamer, a newborn outfit (which I'm seriously considering using instead of the one I picked out), and a purse/diaper bag.

The kids had their first all out crazy, family type Christmas and absolutely loved it. I'm surprised they went to bed as easily as they did.

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That is a really cute gift Michelle, and I can see why you're getting requests for more. Smile Trina did a great job on the wording and I too love the coming soon picture.

Sounds like you guys had a blast. Family time is so much fun and so crazy all at once eh?

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That really turned out great! Love how it looks!

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Glad you are having a wonderful time with your parents. The pictures turned out great, good job Trina!

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that looks great! I love the coming soon too lol how adorable. Sounds like the baby has done very well for christmas especially for someone not yet born!