was looking at ebay..

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was looking at ebay..

I was just looking around ebay and typed in cricut and there came up lots of cartridges with bids starting at $.99 cents! ... ??? ... And only 1 bid on them with 6 hours left and some with free shipping in the USA. ? ... that is like umm...way cheap! ... I'd be buying carts like crazy from ebay! lol I had no idea they can be pretty cheap on ebay! I saw an animal kingdom one just now for $.99 with only 1 bid and 6 hours left. Of course the bids probably go up at the last minute right? But probably not by that much right? .... now i'm thinking maybe i should go for a cricut this summer lol Decisions decisions! But i probably won't. Maybe next year. Smile Save up a bit.

ETA: and I just saw a cricut create for only $76!! :eek: and 1 hour left on it. I could sit here and bid and win it if i wanted to! lol dang! thats with no cart. though. hmm..interesting. Ebay is sooo dangerous! LOL


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I haven't looked for carts on Ebay in a while (looking is dangerous for my pocketbook! ;)), but I think most of them usually go for $30 to maybe $40ish. I got one for $26 once (including shipping). I am going to be keeping an eye on this thread, because if they are going for cheaper than that now I want to know!!! Smile

There are also sales at AC Moore and Michaels pretty often (don't know if there would be a store like that where you are going to be visiting). Black Friday you could get them for $29. The usual sale prices are more like $39 I think.

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I wish they stayed that cheap! No way...I watch ALL the time and they go upwards of 30.00, depending on the cart. People don't start bidding on them till like the last hour. Smile

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yep.. all kinds of carts are going up in price to about 30 dollars or so Smile that still is not that bad of a price compared to regular price at stores AND prices here! I'm sure Animal Kingdom goes for $70-80 dollars here or close to that. Prices are insane here. Smile well...this makes me want a job even more! I hate buying things for my hobbies with DH's money :-?

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yeah they definitely go up at like the last minute! i got graphically speaking for $40. (free shipping) i did see that michaels has all of their carts half off this week! :eek: if i could be rich just for one day...

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The Carts at michaels here go for 120 dollars.. it's insane..

But My fav scrap book store.. Memories and more sell them at cost.. I love it. They are still pretty expensive though.

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They go up at the last few minutes.