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Looking to start ?

Hey there! I'm looking to start scrapbooking. I've always wanted to try, and my daughter is great motivation. Not to mention I have TONS of pictures already and she just turned 3 months old.

The question I have is this:

Are the starter kits a good way to get started or should I buy pieces individually?

I've checked out the tutorials and things. I'm really artsie, and this seems to be a good way to put my artsie side to work. Thanks in advanced!

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I LOVE kits quite personally. They give you everything you need at your fingertips. I really have no creativity whatsoever so I have to get my ideas from what I see...so those kits truly help!

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I started with a kit and it helped me. However, as time has gone on and I am more experienced, I buy things separately because I know exactly what I need. I like the kits because you get more for your money in the beginning when you aren't sure what embellishments you like etc.

Welcome and I hope you become as addicted as we all are! Biggrin

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"shana_RN" wrote:

Welcome and I hope you become as addicted as we all are! Biggrin


Like Shana said, kits are easiest or you can go gung ho w/ bulk stuff like me...... :eek:........which does a lot of damage on your bank account....This method is highly NOT recommended! LMAO

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Kits are great, even if you just mix and match them. I generally like kits so I don't have to match colors on my own Smile It really depends on what you like.

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I don't tend to use the kits ... I have a kit a friend gave me as a gift over a year ago and I have yet to use it. It's so cute too, I hate that I haven't used it. Maybe because I didn't pick it out so it's not focused to what I tend to scrapbook. Anyhow, it sounds like it's a good way to start, just to get the hang of coordinating everything then you can add on from there.

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I think a kit is a good way to start, since they do basically give you everything to make a good number of pages. Otherwise if you don't want to get a kit, just basically go with what looks good to you and what you like.