Lord of the Rings Fan? (Card pics)

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Lord of the Rings Fan? (Card pics)




It cracked me up at any rate. But I wasn't planning on making it. It's perfect for my cousin... so he needs to hurry up and marry his fiance and procreate!

Others I made tonight.

Made 2 of these.

That's a vellum square in the center over the word baptism.

And these...


And then I made this for the technique challenge (it's posted up there too).

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oh, those are great!!! love the cards. and the Precious one, while it does remind me of LOTR, also reminds me of my old coworkers. he always said that people called ugly babies "precious" because they couldn't call them anything else. isn't that awful? but I think of it each time (however, I honestly can say that I haven't used the adjective that way at all).

and what a great layout, love the "golden" birthdays!

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I love these!!! The baptism card is awesome! I mean, how creative to use beads and the charm?!
The Precious card is great! Is your cousin a LOTR fan too? He'd love it if he is. Biggrin

And I think it's cool that you took these on your [super clean] washer machine. :laundry:

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The beads and wire were some of my first scrapbooking purchases. Of course then I stopped using them because they weren't what the cool kids were using.

My cousin is most definitely a LOTR fan. He went to all the movies with us and was even tolerant of me leaving a billion times to pee during it. (I was pregnant with Caleb when the first movie came out.)

I use my stove usually for pictures, but since I was in the laundry room and they're white, I thought they'd give some extra light. I'm always trying to find a place to get a good pic. My camera does not like to crisply focus even though it has stabilizing built in. It also gives me a good excuse (and motivation) to clean those surfaces.

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You crack me up .... awesome!!! Smile

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Haha! I almost didn't open this thread because I never saw LOTR. Didn't even notice that it said "card pics" - I must be tired!

The cards are awesome, and I too am in awe of your clean washer. Smile

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1. Very cute cards. Love the LOTR reference.
2. How did you do the border on the cream/yellow paper from the 3 cards?
3. I want a pic of the comic you have taped to your washing machine. Biggrin

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(Don't lift the lid.... it's NASTY around the edges. How does that grime get there?)

1. Thank you. Glad I'm not the only silly one. I just can't take "my precious" seriously and it's all LOTR's fault.

2. I cut a strip of cream paper larger then the baby strip. Then I edge it with one of those shaping scissors.

3. Ask and you shall receive.

And as an added bonus... here's what is on my bathroom door. (I moved it for the photo op)

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I was going to ask for the comic info too. LOL

GREAT cards Michelle! I wish I had that creativeness.

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LOL, I've seen the bath one before but the washing machine is priceless....

Now I've never seen LOTR (geek that I am), and I have no interest in it at all, so I don't get the joke, but I do love the cards.

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very cute cards!!!

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ha! that my precious one is too funny. my dh would think it was awesome if we had that given to our baby lol. Your cards are very nice Biggrin

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Thanks for the comic relief!!!! I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that.

Really, you used scissors?!? The cut looks so sharp. My scissors don't seem to cut that well. Maybe I should sharpen them.

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Love the comics!!!!!!!!! Omg, too funny. Esp. the washer one.

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Those are really pretty - and the "precious" is cracking me up Smile

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Adorable cards! (I don't get the LOTR reference either...never watched them.) I love using the decorative edge scissors too!! Although I am a sucky straight cutter with them! LOL! And I always wondered the same about the grime inside the edge of the washer lid! How does it get there????

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Those are really pretty cards. Love the beads!!

Also, I have the same washing machine as you!