lo's of my Grandma :)

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lo's of my Grandma :)

Our entire family just loves our Grandma so much...she's so funny and caring...all my friends (even in their 30s) ask if they can call her Grandma too and she literally "adopts" them in and sends them cards on their birthdays and everything! lol. So hubby and I decided I needed to do some Grandma pages pronto Smile
And the woman is just ALWAYS baking something so I remembered seeing these stickers at the dollar store and ran out to get them.

Journaling on this page reads: "Why We Love Grandma:
-her heart for Jesus
-her wonderful sense of humor
-her cooking (of course!)
-her creativity
-her ability to make each and every member of our HUGE family feel special
-her love of traditions
-her heart for those in need
-her energy with the grandkids (to even shoot hoops in a skirt and dress shoes!)
-her ability to write brilliant articles for the Gordon Globe
-her strength, love, and patience in raising her seven children"

Bottom says : "Grandma, Karen, and Lindsay...I still look at her in awe to this day. (1 9 8 8 )
Right: Jo-ann, Karen, Mom, Nicki (2000)
Everyone's always gathered at Grandma's house Biggrin Note the bote cup we always argued over as kids. hehe. And, as usual, we're eating Grandma's famous potato salad. YUM!"

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What great pages!!! How nice that she is such a sweet and caring woman!

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ah, the reasons why we love grandma made me tear up! So sweet! Great job Karen!

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What a sweet idea. Nice LO's.

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sounds like an awesome Grandma! so cool that you did the pages of her. I'm digging those baking stickers. Wink

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Great pages!