LOs, a quilt, and a card

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LOs, a quilt, and a card

Here are some LOs that I don't think I ever posted. I did them at a crop almost a month ago. Three of them are scraplifts...the only one that isn't is Evan's 2nd bday layout. Sorry some of the pics are blurry. I was taking them in a rush and didn't realize they were like that until I saw them on here. No time to fix it because the kiddos need some Mommy time! Smile

Probably my favorite of the bunch:

Here is the quilt that I made for my friend's baby shower gift:

And the card to go with it...thanks for the idea, Tia! (P.S. don't laugh too hard at my elephant trunk. I know it looks like a tail. ROFL I still think he's cute! Lol

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Great job. I really like how well you do with multiple pictures and the colors you use.

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great job on everything. your elephant looks adorable!!!
all the LO's are adorable and i just love the first tastes one!!

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Katie - I always LOVE your style! So many of your LOs go straight to my scraplift folder. It is hard to pick a fave, but I think "First Tastes" is absolutely adorable! Awesome work on the quilt too! I sew, but I have never tackled quilting in any way. The recipient sure will love that Smile

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I am loving these pages!!!!! they're all great! I wish I was as good at using multiple pattern papers on a layout, saving some of these in my 'lift folder for future inspiration. Smile

and the quilt looks awesome! the card is adorable, I don't think the trunk looks like a tail.

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I also am a huge fan of your style Katie!!! LOVE all these. And that quilt and card are darling too. I have received two quilts as gifts, both from my grandma for my two youngest, and I treasure them both. You are so kind to gift one to someone. TFs

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Your layouts are always amazing. I love the 2-pagers here. That quilt is beautiful too! Wow, you are super talented lady!!!

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I LOVE the LOs. My fav is probably the first tastes page. I wish I would have seen it two months ago! Lol I would have stole the idea. The quilt looks great!

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I LOVE your elephant!!!! He is very cute. I also love how you used rounded corners in all your pages. The blue with the red on the elmo page really pops and I love the blue stickers on the 3 pg. Do you know who makes those???
Just got the quilt pic to show up WOWZERS!!!! great job!!!

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Wow! You are very talented Biggrin I am LOVING that first layout

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Thanks, ladies!

"tialee" wrote:

I love the blue stickers on the 3 pg. Do you know who makes those???

Do you mean the "look who's three" letters? Those are cut with the cricut. I can't even remember for sure which cart I used because I did them so long ago! I think it was lyrical letters because it doesn't look like one that I own and I had borrowed that one from a friend.

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Great LO's!

Beautiful quilt, that is a sweet gift.

Love the elephant, it doesn't look funny to me.

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I love your double page layouts! I never think to do them, but your pages make me want to!

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I absolutely loved all your pages, I really like how you use so many pics on each of them. The quilt and card are gorgeous!