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Lost it

I am so frustrated with my laptop right now. I was working on a LO and wasn't saving my progress (I know, bad me). I had worked on it for nearly an hour when my laptop just turned itself off. Not a battery issue b/c it was plugged in. Just turned off. When I turned it back on... my LO was nowhere to be found. Guess that'll teach me.

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Oh that stinks! I hope you can recreate it easily.


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oh no Sad I'm sorry that happened. i have had that happen so many times. I learned fast to save after every single change I made.

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oh no!!! Sad Im sorry. how frustrating for you! well now that you've done it. maybe it won't take as long? (idk...just trying to bring some good to it)

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Ugh!!! Sorry, that's soooo frusterating.

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argh. sorry! that stings

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Oh no, that stinks! I'm so sorry, I know how upsetting that would be.

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How frustrating! I have a stupid computer, so digi and me don't work well. I feel your pain.

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That happens to me periodically. I have it set to warn me when battery is low but sometimes it doesn't and just shuts down. It is so frustrating, I'm so sorry!

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Ugh - I've been there - it stinks!!!

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That stinks Sad Did you manage to recreate it easily?