Lots of baby shower stuff, cards and update

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Lots of baby shower stuff, cards and update

Wow, I miss y'all! Sad Life is so busy this summer! I spent this weekend creating stuff for Sarah's baby shower.

First I made 50 party favor boxes....(they were pre-cut from Walmart. I just had to put them together. Which took longer than I thought, but I enlisted Scott's help and he was great!) I filled them with Hershey Cookies and Creme and Reese's...blue and orange colors...to match the shower. I cut orange onesies (1") and glued them to the bottom of all but one and whoever gets the one with the green diaper gets a door prize. Then tied them with ribbon.

Then, I made a banner. I borrowed my friend's Expression this weekend, so I could cut large items. The triangles are from Celebrations....10" each. The paper I chose was too thin, so I had to cut 17 more in plain white and glue them together to give it weight. The letters are from Cuttin' Up. You can read it much better IRL, but it says "Welcome Baby Holden"

With the leftover paper from the banners I made these 24 water bottles. They were super simple!!! Remove the original wrapper, cut an 8.5x11 paper into 6 strips and they fit around a bottle perfectly with no trimming! I adheared with a tiny strip of glue. Then I cut "thank you" and glued that on top.

This is 8.5x11...it will go on the door entering the building for the baby shower

I am going to set this card next to a basket of diapers and colorful Sharpie markers:

I couldn't find a poem online or anything, so I made it up. Not pleased with the wording, but I am too sick of trying to fix it. lol

This card will be the one from us hostesses. We pitched in and bought Sarah a stroller, so I thought this cut would be perfect.

The update: My friend (with all the carts) gave me my bday gift early and she gave me SEVEN more carts (Heritage, Sentimentals, Elmo's Party, Cuttin' Up, Independence Day, Create a Critter and Designer's Calendar)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is just unreal to say the least! I call her my "over-the-top friend". I have had a BLAST going through them this weekend. Crazy huh? As a thank you I made her this card:
"over the top"
and her bday card (she also has a July bday)

just a fun one

And I cut an extra cityscape for a bday card

Sarah's bday card

My MESS during all this!! hahaha, Keepin' it real!!!! Obviously I didn't know DH was taking this! I think he thought the mess was picture worthy.

Cohen is already 5 months old! He laughs, rolls over and can get to whatever he wants, and is starting to sit up. Time goes much too fast. :/

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Wow! I love them all, but I love the invite the most. Oh and I think your poem rocks! I can't wait to get a cricut. I just love all the stuff you can make with it. I hope the shower is a blast!

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wow all the stuff looks great! and once again your friend has outdone herself with all the carts...she rocks! Hope your sister's shower is a blast! Those water bottles are a great, simple idea...I will have to keep that in mind!

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guess i can post these simple note cards i made in june that i don't remember posting?

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WOW! You have been incredibly busy! I love your poem, what a fun little game! The water bottles are too cute, you are so prepared! I *LOVE* the card you made with the woman pushing the stroller!

I can't believe Cohen's so old already! His legs are so chubby...I love it!

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Wowza, can you plan a party for me?!?!?!??! I have 3 birthday girls coming up in 3 & 4 weeks, wanna plan theirs? It's zoo themed and that's about as far as I've gotten with it, haha! I LOVE what you came up with, so creative!

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Here's one I tried out the Create a Critter with. Smile The octopus and Ahoy were the only two cuts...the rest was on the paper

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You are amazing Charys!!! Love all of it.

Your friend is so generous...

I can't believe Cohen just stays there and doesn't try and get into all your sb stuff. I'm pretty sure at even that age ds and dd would have thought it was fun to play with it all.

I absolutely LOVE the butterfly in the thanks so much card (the 2nd post you added on) it's so beautiful. What cart is that from??? Think I might have to get some cuts from it.

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You are so talented girly!! I love all of it and I am sure Sarah will too. What fun! And I am so glad you included the pic DH took of you. LOVE it!!

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That is all just amazing!!! I even think that your 'simple' cards look awesome!
The stroller card is unbelievable!

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everything rocks! i cant believe Cohen is 5 months already!

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WOW!!!! Woman you rock my socks off! lol. Even though the poem you wrote for the basket of diapers is still driving you crazy, I think that is the BEST! I love it! So creative! I have never seen that idea even...very cool! Everything you have done is amazing...all the recipients will love them! And man is Cohen ever cute!!!!! Love my little Texan nephews Biggrin :bigarmhug:

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Wow, you have been busy! The shower is going to beautiful!!! She will be so blessed.

Can't believe all your new carts, that is fabulous!

Glad you are doing well, the picture is priceless.

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WOW! You went all out for that baby shower! Love it all! Smile

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wow Charys!! Absolutely beautiful!!! your cards are sooo very beautiful!! Cohen is looking adorable as ever! And I can't believe your friend gave you 7 more carts!! She's definetly a keeper!! Smile