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Lurker with a question

Hello ladies! I just have a quick question. I currently don't have a cricut but have been thinking about getting one. I've seen a lot of good things on the cricut expression but am not sure if it'd be worth the money as opposed to the personal cricut. Any advice as to which is a better buy would be appreciated. TIA

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If you have the extra space for the larger one, I'd say it's a great buy. Personally, I have the small one and LOVE it, because my scrapbooking space is so limited. The large one allows you do cut 12x12 borders, etc. that the little bug doesn't. I think it's a personal preference. HTH

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I agree with Charys. I don't have much room, so the little one is perfect for me. Biggrin

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Thanks for asking this question. I was wondering the same thing for when I get my second job paycheck. I want to know if I should save up for an expressions. My space is rather limited (as we're in an apartment) but is it that much bigger?