Lurker with a question or two.

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Lurker with a question or two.

Hello girls. I lurk here off and on as I enjoy scrapping when I can. I got a big kit for x-mas and then moved cross country, so I just found it in some boxes and brought it upstairs to open. However as I look at it, I wonder what a lot of the things in it are and was hoping some of you could tell me what some of these things are and how I'd use them. I am a paper scrapper BTW.

This is called Portfolia Gifted Memories Scrapbooking Sensation

Here are the things it contains that have me wondering:

Alphabet Chipboard Letters and numbers

16 feet Resourceful Ribbons

27 feet Fun Fibers

1 Framing Accents-1 frame and 1 flower embellishment

7 embossed metal frames and 6 embossed metal tags

67 assorted brads and 7 decorative buttons in a brad case

6 woven labels

8 wooden stamps

1 premium stamp pad

storage cases filled with 200 assorted color metal eyelets

5 jumbo brads, 8 epoxy brads and 4 metal corners

5 tile labels

10 chipboard memory accenta

9 sculptured metal embellishments

14 flowering memories stacked together and fastened with a brad

I copied most of this off the back of the box. Smile I guess I am just used to using paper...what would I do with metal things on a scrapbook page??? Lol

TIA ladies, I'm just not sure if I should get rid of this set or if this stuff is useable to me.

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Sounds like a great set to me! I use anything and everything on my pages, and all that stuff sounds great. You can do so much with the fun embellishments. Try searching your favorite web site for inspiration on using the embellishments.

Welcome to the group!

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I hear ya. As a newbie to scrapbooking, a lot fo the stuff at first had me puzzled. I find that the DIY network scrapboking show really helped me to get my imagination going to show me how to use some of the stuff that was a puzzlement to me (hahaha, I just had a Yul Brenner in the King and imoment there). I would go to their website,,2024,DIY_13776,00.html . What I have learned is you can use anything on a page to embellish it. Feel free to take a look at my pages if you like. I used the metal brads to hindge a journal andpicture together so the journal hids behind the picture. And I used eyelets to make holes in letters and thread rope through it. I will say I don't use brads as much but the metal accents really look nice on a page to add texture and dimension. Good luck.

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Hi Carrie!

Ooooh, that sounds like a lot of fun stuff. Yep, it is hard to expand outside of paper when that is what you are used to. I never did go outside of paper when I paper-scrapped, but I've seen some great layouts with brads, etc on it. Ink is great for making nice affects on frames and pages. Maybe some ladies can show you some pages with those things.

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Hi Carrie! Welcome! It sounds like you've got a great kit in front of you! I would hold on to it!

I'm including some pictures to help you see what you can do with some of the things.

The first page, I used a metal heart (it's really a brad, it fastens in the back of my page like the gold brads teachers use at school), the sign that says "the two of us" is chipboard like the letters in your kit. I also used photo corners, but mine are paper, not metal like yours in the kit. I used to only paper scrap but once I ventured out...well...there's no turning back! The possibilities of what you can do on your page are endless!!

The second page has some metal brads in the centers of the flowers, some leather flowers, staples, chipboard (the heart). Really, you can use anything! I used a basic office stapler for the staples. It punched right through my chipboard. Biggrin

If you do decide to hold onto the kit, you're going to have to pick up some special adhesive to attach the heavier things (aka embellishments) to your page. I would buy some glue dots. They are about $3.50-$4.50 a box and you get a TON in one package. They work to attach buttons, metal, chipboard, frames, ribbon, woven labels, etc. You can find them at Walmart or any craft store.

Sorry this got to be a little long. Lol

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Hi Carrie!

The kits sounds like a great one to me! You will get so much use out of the stamps and ink pad. And like the other's said, the embellishments and things are great. Ash posted two great pages using a lot of those items mentioned. Having a nice variety of things like that make scrapbooking fun because you don't get bored with the same stuff.

Hope to see you over here MORE. Biggrin

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That sounds like a kit I began scrapbooking with. I used a lot of the items provided in the kit. I recommend getting a scrapbooking idea book to show you all different ways to use those items. I have a book called 501 Great Scrapbook Page Ideas and they are selling brand new on for as low as $2.35!!!

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You guys gave me great advice. THanks so much!! I will use these things I'm sure, I just wasn't sure how. Thanks again.

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Sounds like you got some great ideas/advice, so I just wanted to say hello and welcome! Can't wait to see what you do with your kit!

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Sounds like a lot of good stuff! Can't wait to see what you do with them!