made some cards (pic heavy)

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made some cards (pic heavy)

So on another site we are doing homemade secret santa gifts. So below is what I made for my person. I made several thank you cards, and birthday cards and a few others. Let me know what you think:

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wow, you've been busy Missy! I especially love the "thanks" card on the left in the 4th set of photos. And the blue Happy Birthday card in the last set. Great job!

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Very cool gift Smile I love the heart paper you used in the hello friend card and the matching envelopes!

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those are great! I love the last happy birthday one

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You have done a TON of!!! Love them all! Great job!

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Those are cute!
I like them all, what a great gift!

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great work Missy Smile My fave is the left one in the third bunch.

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Wow! What a lot of work you've done. My favorite is the black and white birthday card.

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oh, those look awesome! I know I'd be THRILLED to get cards like that as a gift!

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your cards are great!

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Your secret santa recipient is going to lvoe them!

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