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    Default made some new cards

    one of these days I'll do another actual scrapbook layout. lol Here are some cards I made :

    this is for my hubby's quite a big card....It's for November 1st which is his one year anniversary of quitting smoking He doesn't know it but I'm putting up a congratulations banner, balloons, getting him a little present (like a dvd he wants or something) and getting him a cake (cuz he's cake crazy lol)...and I found these sorta foam no smoking things at the dollar store 3 for $1 so I'm going to stick one on the cake and use one on a layout of his anniversary Anyhoo, I'm so proud of him...especially for quitting cold turkey and never going back

    This is for our brother in's actually waynes bil on his sideand I didnt have any stickers or embellishments pertaining to him in the slightest and needed a card fast so i had to go very generic.

    this is for my younger brother (he's turning 21) but I'm not happy with it...I think I just dont like the grey but had NO other card stock left in the you know any way I can spruce it up or is it too late and I should start again?

    this is for one of the little girls who comes to our home daycare

    and this is for her mom who's become a great friend of ours in a very short amount of time. I didnt want to write happy birthday on the front in pen like that but it was my hubby's idea and i didnt want to squelch it.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Wow Karen! You've been busy. Something I admire about all your cards is the personalization you put into them! If I had to pick a favorite, it'd probably be the one to Trinity or your hubby, but I really love the last one too. That's sooooo sweet of you to throw a little celebration for your hubby for quiting smoking. You are such a sweet wife. That will mean a whole lot to him. You'll have to let us know how it goes. TFS these!
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    they are great!! and congrats to your hubby!!!!

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    I agree with Charys..your cards are each so unique and so personable. I too commend Wayne for a year. It's soooo hard to quit and stay quit...and you are awesome for celebrating with him. Good for you both!
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    Karen, he's a guy. Gray is PERFECT.

    I like the card. But then again, I like gray.

    I agree, your cards are always so wonderfully personal.

    Congrats also to your hubby. You're showing him that this is just as important to you as it is to him- that's wonderful.

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    Congrats to your hubby! That is amazing. I'm glad you are celebrating it.

    The cards are great! Wow, you got a lot done, that is awesome. I love your hubby's congrats card. The colors are bold and perfect. The card for Trinity is great too, I love bright cards!
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    Ditto everyone else!

    Great job Karen!
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    great cards, I bet everyone will love them. I think your brother's card is fine in gray, kind of keeps it more masculine anyway.

    and that's awesome that Wayne's been a nonsmoker for a year! I also quit cold turkey (it's been 13.5 years now) and I was a pack a day smoker. It's not easy, so hitting that year mark for him is a big deal. I think it's AWESOME that you're making a big deal of it, what a great way to be supportive!
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    Way to go Wayne (and great for you to acknowledge it)!

    I love all of them, but I really love the last one

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    Very cute. I like them. I am all about color.

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