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MAJOR funk

I have never in my life had 4 days in a row scrapbooking with friends like I've had this week, yet I've only completed ONE layout. I mean I've got the startings of 4 more, but my mojo is completely gone. I can't even seem to get inspired right now. I keep browsing layouts here and wish I could somehow copy them but it's not working out. Sad I truly think the lack of sleep with a newborn is affecting my brain. I am having a tough time thinking of the simplest things. Sad

So basically I spent the last 4 days helping my friends cut things with my Cricut and do invites with them, etc. etc. Ey yiyiyi

ETA I really have had fun scrapbooking with them, even if I'm not getting anything done for myself. Just the girlfriend time is awesome

Pointless rant over.

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Um, does it make you feel better to know that you've done one more layout than I have this week? Wink I told DH that I really need some alone scrapbooking time to try to catch up on things. But I'm sorry about the funk. I've been there, where you can't even copy a layout. Funks suck! Sounds like you had a nice time with your friend though - that's creative time well spent!

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I completely understand.

I feel like I can't even reply to anything here right now.

Hope you get your mojo back soon. I love seeing your work. But also just sit back and enjoy all that little newborn sweetness. Smile

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Hope your mojo comes back soon so we don't go through Charys withdrawls Wink Glad you had fun scrapbooking with your friends.

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I completely understand too! I am like this all the time! I will just sit and look and look at pictures trying to come up with something and finally give up!

Hope you get out of this funk soon! (Hope I do too!)

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aww, I hope it comes back to you quick. I was like that almost my whole pregnancy with Allie. It sucks. For me when that happens I actually have feelings of "hmm, maybe I just will get rid of my stuff" and then my husband looks at me like "are you out of your stinking mind?" lol.

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I do that all the time Charys and don't have lack of sleep to blame either. At least you got to visit with some good friends.

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Awww girl..I'm so sorry. I know it is hard when they are so little and not sleeping. I wish I could be there to watch him overnight while you sleep. Smile Course he wouldn't want me and you'd miss him to death. LOL Your sleep will return and so will your mojo. Glad to hear you got to spend time with friends.

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that's tough...but it WILL come back. You are so talented and I bet your creativity will be back in no time Biggrin Sorry you are in a funk though. I get them all the time too. :bigarmhug:

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We've all been there, and it really sucks! It will come back though - maybe take a break for a few days/a week and come back to it, you might be full of ideas then! :bigarmhug: