make your own pom poms!!!

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make your own pom poms!!!

A gal on my other site showed me this link
so I made one for my scrapbook room and one for Jasmin's room. They are pretty easy and look pretty cool! I paid 99cents for a pack of tissue paper and 67cents for floral wire. Here are the 2 that I made Smile




I still have to take down the polka dots. tfl

made some more Smile


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Cool! Not really sure they would work in my boys' rooms though. Biggrin

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Those are really cool! I think they'd be perfect for a wedding shower, baby shower or wedding. I'm going to save that idea. Yes, I'm with Nancy here.......since I share my scrapbooking space with Kayson's room, I don't think that would go so well. Wink