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Making cards

I have never made any cards, but you guys are inspiring me to try. Any suggestions you have for making them? I worry that if I fold a thicker piece of card stock it will not be a smooth fold, do you use some sort of tool or special paper?

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I had a bone folder i used ( ds took off with it and I cant find it now) to press the fold. The edge of your ruler or anything like that will work. Be sure to share your cards so we can see!! Its fun!

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You can use regular cardstock folded in half. Once you get started, you'll be making cards all the time. Biggrin

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Charys is right, once you get started, you will not stop! But, it is so much fun. If my folds aren't right, I just cut the side and make them even.

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My cutter can be change out with a scoring blade, so i am able to score where i want the card to be folded. I want to see some of your cards!!