Making cards?

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Making cards?

I have not ever made cards, but am definitely interested in trying to make some. Especially with mother's day coming up, I think I would like to try to make a card for my Mom.

My question is, do you just use card stock and cut it and fold it yourself? Or do you buy the plain blank cards, and then decorate them? Because the packages come with envelopes, but if you make it yourself, where do you get the right size envelopes?

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I just started making cards and I used plain white cards.

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I use cardstock from the craft store, or white/cream/colored cardstock from the office store which is MUCH cheaper. I cut and fold them all on my own cause its more cost effective than buying blank card packs. I buy the invitation sized envelopes at the office store as well...either white or cream usually. I believe they are 5 3/4 x 4ish something. Good luck with your adventures and show us your creations!

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I'm with Zene. I cut and fold and buy a big pack of invitation envelopes from Walmart. GL!!

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I usually get the packs of cards and envelopes when they go on sale at AC Moore. I think when they are on sale (which is pretty often) you can get 25 of the small size cards and envelopes for $2.99. Although it has been quite a while since I have bought any so maybe I'm not remembering that quite right!

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I do digital cards and have done both the pre-fold and the make-it-yourself. I actually prefer the make-it-yourself since I can print to the edge that way. In that case, if I don't have the right size envelopes, I just make the envelopes by hand or using a template.

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I mainly use cardstock. I've bought some pre-folded on sale and use them sometimes, but I prefer the color of the cardstock (I have a TON on hand for my layouts, so it's easy to grab for cards)