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Thread: making cards (hybrid)

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    Default making cards (hybrid)

    I do a lot of digital since it's easier for me because I do not have a cricut but I'd love to be able to make some cards. I have plenty of cardstock and could easily get more if I needed some. How can I make cards with it? I have Photoshop to make things with. But how can I print them out? Can I put my 8.5x11 (or whatever size it is that i have that is around there) paper in my printer like you would put regular paper? And print? Or should I print them on glossy photo paper? Since it is a bit thicker paper, my printer shouldn't have any problems with it right? ...gosh so many questions. Just looking for some tips and how you all do it. Thanks!

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    I'm no expert, I've done exactly 1 card ... but I got some pre-fold cards at Michael's, designed in Photoshop, printed on photo paper, and attached to the front of the card - I really like how it turned out, I'm planning on making a lot more!
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    Well, I've seen some really nice hybrid cards. There are so many different options. You can definately use 8.5 x 11 cardstock. I've done it several times. You just design the size you want so a 5x7 card would be 10x7 open. Then go and print it on your paper. You have to mess around with getting it printed correctly so that the inside and outside align correctly, etc.

    Another great option is use a blank cardstock as your base and print your designs and message on other things. Messages look great on vellum. Front designs can be printed just slightly smaller than your card and look great with foam tape under them to give dimension.
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