Many pages (very pic heavy)

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Many pages (very pic heavy)

I've been busy, lots of 2007 pages this week:


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Those are ALL so cute!

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okay, I gotta know, do you get all of these printed? if not, what do you do with them? you get so many done, it's wild! just wondering what you do with them.

love the zoo. and the 2007 pages always make me smile cause I just love seeing her crazy hair!!!!

great work!

I've been overwhelmed with other stuff going on, I really miss spending time on pages ... Rich is having a poker night tomorrow, I might work on a couple of layouts while he's entertaining (after the kids are in bed).

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Gwen, I hope you get time to scrap tomorrow! I will eventually have them all printed in a book. I prefer the books, vs printing pages, plus it is cheaper.

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Oh, my all-time favorite of yours' now is the Tummy time on Daddy's arm page I think!! I love that! The pic is adorable, and I like the corrugated "cardboard".

Great job on all these LO's! The zoo pages are so cute with the animals on them. I also love that last one!

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Charys, you always have the nicest compliments Smile

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Great job!! TFS

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Those are great!!! And she's a doll!:D

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They are all so cute. I love the one with the ducky...and the one where she has spaghetti on her face made me chuckle. They all came out really well. Smile

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Those are great, I love Daddy's work, the pencil drawing!!! Great job!

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LOVE all of them! I don't know how you do it, but they all look different, and I adore that! The tummy time on Daddy's arm is adorable! That's my new favorite too! Spaghetti and escape artist made me Lol Too cute! I LOVE her hair. I know I have said it before, but it always makes me smile! I have been so ready to go to the zoo and your pages didn't help! Wink

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Those are all great! I can't believe how many you got done!

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I love all of them. I especially like how many photos you fit onto the first one, and I LOVE the colors. Andrea looks like she has tons of fun!!

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You're pages are gorgeous and stunning. I am insanely jealous. Now I feel like I need to re-do mine.

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great pages Stephanie! The pencil drawing is really cute, and I love how the bath time title looks like bubbles to!

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those are great!!! I love her litte "chicken hair" Smile