March Virtual Crop Check-in

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March Virtual Crop Check-in

Check-in here so we can see who's playing with us this weekend! Smile

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I am in for sure! Leaving town today for an IRL crop tonight/tomorrow, so not sure how much I will be online, but I am definitely going to check out the challenges and try to incorporate as many as I can. Hopefully I will get a chance to post some pics Saturday night or Sunday!

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I'm here and hoping that I get a chance to play!

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I'm here.... but have to do some errands, dh is working part of the weekend and we have to do our taxes. So I'll be on as much as I can. Hoping to work on some scrapbooking this weekend.

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I am here today and tomorrow. Have a party on Sunday. Just waiting for my prints to be ready to pick up.:)

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I'm here and will be here off and on all weekend.

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I'll be in and out all weekend - so excited, I got so much done at the last VC!

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I'm here today and most of tomorrow. We will see if the baby stays put to judge whether or not I will be productive Sunday.

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I'll be here off and on this time! YAY!!!!

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oh yahoo!!!! In my mind I was thinking it was next weekend...even though I knew the dates. LOL

I have the daycare kids so I definitely won't be online throughout the day today but I will be a lot Saturday morning and Sunday morning and will be scrapping almost the whole weekend ...and we get to babysit our baby chinchilla along with it's Mom, Dad, and sibling this weekend too!! We met him/her (it's too early to tell) the other day and until it's ready to come home in a month or so we get to babysit the whole family all weekend! I am so excited to scrap a page of my little dude! Biggrin lol

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I'm hopefully here!

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I'm here today for sure, not sure how much DH will let me do this weekend, but I'm prepared to sit all day today and Monday Lol

Andrea and I are showered dressed and fed so I'm ready to start.

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I'm in for the weekend. DH will be gone all day tomorrow, so I'll really get to play! Can't wait to see everyone's great LO (and then I'll scraplift them, :lol:)

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i'm here! Smile will try to do a bit if i can.

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:wavehello: I don't know how much I can get done, but I will try.

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checking in! my goal is to get 5 layouts done, if my family lets me. Wink

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ill defintely be scrapping some challenges tonight!!!
i cant wait!!!!!!!

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I'll be doing as much as I can, but as you probably all know, having a two year old and trying to scrap, doesnt work out too well.

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I am here! We have been out all day but hopefully I can get some stuff done now. I will be in and out all weekend though. yay!

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I am here I did a card but I don't think it fits any of the challenges.

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I was going to try and scrap tonight, but frankly I am just to tired. I will do some tomorrow and maybe some Sunday as I have a baby shower to go to in the afternoon. Love all the pages so far!