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Marker Girl

Here's my layout for the day. Wink

Natalie is grounded from markers for at least a month. When I set out the paper for her to color, I told her crayons only. She wanted markers. I said fine, as long as she didn't color on herself. I sat down to drink my coffee and read my email. A while later I hear her RUN to the bathroom and shut the door. I got up to see what was happening. I opened the door, took a look, signed, walked back here to my desk to grab my camera and got this shot. I didn't take the markers immediately away, stupid me, I told her to put them away. While I went to get baby wipes to clean her, she colored on her eyelids.
August 2008

And here's the paper by itself, just perfect for this layout IMO

For the record, she's STILL on marker time out. I gave her another chance last week and she colored all over her feet!

What's funny is that I did one of Jordan at about the same age. I don't have a photo with the journaling or date, and the album is upstairs and I can't easily get a fresh picture of it. But how funny is this? (I did this layout May 07)

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What wonderful paper! That turned out perfectly.

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HeeHee! I remember when you posted pics of her marker escapades!

Great LO! And that paper is perfect. Smile

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Oh that is perfect!! Way cute pic and that paper is perfect for it. I have a friend over to digiscrap and I shared it with her. She loved it too! TFS

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LOVE it! I remember her doing that you and made the PERFECT LO! I had to show Randall b/c I knew he'd get a kick out of it! TFS!

Oh, and Lol at the one you made for Jordan. Guess they think alike huh?

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That's GREAT!!!! So hysterical that both girls got into the markers like that. I'm laughing at the journaling!!! Sounds like a day in my house. Wink

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That got me giggling! Smile Too cute, love the journalling and the paper is just gorgeous!!

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That is awesome! She actually did a pretty good job on her lips. Biggrin

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Tessa looks this way daily!!!

But it was crayon on my walls, pen on of sofa or washerable markers on her (and everything else) I let her have only markers now since they come off with water. But she does get them taken from her for the rest of the day if she writes on anything but paper and has to clean up her mess. But still this has not stopped her. Oh well I pick my battles and now that they make washable markers this is not one with a sick child I care to fight out with her daily.

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What a cute LO and a busy girl!!! Love the paper.

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She did it again!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA that is sooooo funny!!!! The paper you used here is PERFECT!

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Wow!! That paper is sooo cool! It came like that? Wherever did you find it? I thought you made it. Smile So funny that both your girls have the same LO. LOVE it!!

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It looks great!! I remember those pictures! too funny! I just had to laugh because I took a picture of Cadence the other day - she had a yellow highlighter and she drew herself a nice little mustache - i'll be scrapping that one soon! Lol Girls are just too funny! Lol

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How funny! I love the paper!! I have been lucky that so far Xavier is really good about just drawing on his paper with his markers. He has drawn on the lid to his lap desk as well. He has in the past drawn on the wall with pencil. But that was many months ago. Before we got him his lap desk with his own markers, crayons, and paper.

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

Wow!! That paper is sooo cool! It came like that? Wherever did you find it? I thought you made it. Smile So funny that both your girls have the same LO. LOVE it!!

the paper was in the clearance rack at AC Moore, I think I only paid 25 cents for it. it has a shimmer sheen to it too, very cool paper!

thanks for all of the compliments, I really dig this layout. Smile

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lol. LOVE IT!!!!!

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LOL awesome Biggrin

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Very funny! -that you did both of those.

I love the page, great background!

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You are right that the pp you used is just perfect. It is great when you have stuff like that.