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Marker LO

here's my "marker girl" Lol so... when should i expect her to outgrow this behavior Gwen?! ROFL (this was the first time she's ever colored on her face - hopefully it won't happen again.... well if it does, then I need to take more pics, right?!)

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cute layout, and I love the title!

who knows when they outgrow it?! Jordan will still draw on herself (luckily not her face anymore - yet she put a fake tattoo on her cheek yesterday) and she's 5.5.

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Very creative title! Smile

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Great job, perfect title!

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That is soooo cute Linda. She is such a doll, even more so with a mustache. Smile

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She's just such a cutie! Those red curls are darling! I LOVE that title....soooo creative! I'm going to lift it if you don't mind.

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I LOVE the title! Great job!

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LOL!! Looks like she was sniffing it at first and it just got out of hand from there Lol Hopefully she's not starting her tattoo career Wink

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love the title!! what a great page!

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such a cute LO, and I love the title

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I'm gonna need to recruit you for some titles- too creative! Your little girlie is so stinkin' cute!!

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"mtsugrad" wrote:

I'm gonna need to recruit you for some titles- too creative! Your little girlie is so stinkin' cute!!

When I can't think of a title, I always go to They have so many different topics to choose from - it's a great site! (that's where I go this one - I knew it was perfect when I read it and laughed out loud) Smile

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Great page! Great title and I love the background you picked. Smile

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Thanks for the hints on titles. I'm always trying to find titles.

Great layout. DS is always getting into my ink pads and one day I'm going to have to remember to get a photo before washing him up.