markers and your cricut

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markers and your cricut

have any of you used the cricut markers? I haven't used the cricut brand, but I have tried the mini sharpies and crayola pipsqueak skinnies. I have only played around with it so far, but think its pretty cool. Dh bought me some mini gel pens tonight ( on his own, I didn't ask, he is such a good scrapbook husband :p) to use with it.

If you have used the markers, what have you done with them? I'd love to see.

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I got some as a gift, but have only done one card with them. I don't even remember if I ever posted it?? It was a pink rose with the red markers inside? anyways, I'll see if I have a pic...

I need to get them out and use them more...I did like it when I did it. Post pics of what you do too, so maybe it'll inspire me more. Wink

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I use mine ... in fact, I used mine during the VC (on the layout of the college picture of me). I mainly use them to outline my letters, although I have used them for some fun embellishments (using the Paper Dolls cart).

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please do post pics ladies! im curious. i see them in the store but i havent bought any. i would love to see your work with them.