memories from high school! (LO)

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memories from high school! (LO)

Hey ladies! Biggrin I am having a ball scrapping some pics of just Randall and I. I don't think anyone really knows our story, so I am going to share a bit of it, if you don't mind! We met my JR. year. I know he was the one. We decided to get married right out of high school. We went to different high schools btw. He graduated one weekend, I graduated the next, and then we got married the following weekend. Some thought we were crazy, others knew we were just in love, and we still are. So, I get to scrap wonderful moments such as prom, homecoming, graduation, and neat things like that for him and I both! We are both 22, so we are still young. Here are the pages of my graduation. It was a sad page for me to make b/c 2 years after I graduated, our school consolidated with Randall's school, so my old school is gone. Sad I graduated with a class of 18 people! Lol Small huh? Also, the lady giving me my diploma is my sister. She was my teacher in Spanish and EAST Lab, so they allowed her the privilege of giving me my diploma. She wasn't happy with this pic of her, but oh well! Lol

Sorry for the ramble, I just wanted to add that tid-bit of info!

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When you look at the last photo of you in the bottom LO and look at Ruthie.......can we spitting image?!?! Great job!

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oh, that's great!!!! makes me want to go back to do high school pages (of course, I graduated 18 years ago, ACK!!!!). anyhow, love the story behind yours. that is sad that your high school's not there anymore. but cool that your sister gave you the diploma!

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Awww, I'm glad you told us your story. That is really sweet and I love that you shared these pages with us. What great memories!

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What a great story! I think that's so sweet. Highschool sweethearts! And what a small school. Smile Sounds like around here. That's neat your sis gave you your diploma. Great LO's! I like the lace. And yes, Ruthie looks just like her pretty momma.

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Great lo's!!! I wish I could go back and scrap mine, well I have pictures of graduation but all my pictures from before, my whole high school life was in 1 book and it got destroyed by water damage, prom, homecoming etc.. You did a great job!!

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those are great lOs
and a great story Smile

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Super LO Sadie, and a great story!!

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Great lo's!