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menu planner

I made this with a 5x7 acrylic frame...i had extra from when i made post it note holders for people a couple Christmases ago. It is a small version of a menu plan board, compared to some that people make out of larger frames, dry erase boards, etc. but it fits nicely on the fridge...we don't have really any wall space in the kitchen for a bigger frame.

The green thing i made with my new Martha Stewart punch around the page punch set that I treated myself to with some birthday money. The font is Jasmine. The green thing with the title and the flower are glued to the top of the frame, the patterned paper is in the frame, and then I wrote the menu on with an overhead marker. I can't be so rigid to do strict MTWTFSS plans so that is why i did the 1-7. it is...

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Love it. Super cute. I saw one of the bigger ones on interest but I really like your fridge idea

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that looks great! I love my menu board, my family is used to looking at it to know what's for dinner. I get in trouble when I don't stick to the plan though. ha ha ha

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Very cool. Simple and easy to use, plus cute.