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Ive been a card makin FOOL! So Ive mostly just been checking in to see what you gals are doing, but not replying. Im starting to get some etsy orders rolling in Yahoo THANK GOD as we are in a financial bind and really need anything extra, and Ive been making valentines for kids at church. I got three more valentine orders last night YAY!! Im going cheep for my stuff right now cause I want the business. Im going to post more stuff on my etsy. Let me know what you think of the prices and such. Thanks gals!


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Those sugar cookies look scrumptious! How do you mail those? I didn't know you could do that. I think you have very fair prices. Esp. the cupcake Valentine's. Good luck!!

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cute stuff!! that's a good kind of busy to be.

I'm jealous, I'm not getting any orders at all. I'm starting to take it personally. Lol

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I'm going to have to steal your train stamp... just letting you know. Wink

My son is a train freak. It's transferring some to boats (Titanic), but trains and still his first love and hold a special place in his heart.

Congrats on getting orders in. This is a good kind of busy.

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I havent shipped any cookies yet Wink but Im figuring IF I do, I'll put them in a cookie box, then another box to ship. Im just assuming all of these shipping prices so far Lol

Gwen dont take it personally! A friend of mine that does baby cozies for photography said that it took a while for her to get her orders going, and once they do they roll in at a steady rate.

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Congrats on being busy Zene!! Hope you stay that way.

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You have some great stuff for sale! I am glad you are so busy!! I love the train stamp too...my little guy is a train fanatic also!