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On tuesday and wednesday I was admited to the hospital two seperate times for abdominal pain and eventually found out that I have stones in my gallbladder. I have a consultation with the surgeon on monday, but until then Im heavily medicaded with antacids, antibiotics, and am taking 1/4-a 1/2 of a percocet to keep the pain at bay. So needless to say I'll be MIA for a bit. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks in advance!

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wow! I will def be thinking and praying for you. I hope all goes well, KUP!

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oh.my.gosh!! I had kidney stones in December and that was as bad as labour pains!! So I know you must be miserable. I'm so sorry. Sad :( Sending lots of prayers your way. Just take it easy.

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rest up and take care. we will be praying for you and thinking of you.

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I had gallstones as well so I feel your pain. It's an awful pain...have they said how advanced they are? I was told mine were quite large (since the doc I had at the time refused to believe I knew my own body and so he never tested for gallstones despite me asking him to)...they still waitlisted me for the surgery but I was in agony and just kept going back to the hospital every night and basically annoyed them into squeezing me in.lol (I know it's different depending on where you live)...they took my whole gallbladder since I was so young they were worried I would get gallstones again later. despite a few scars I was soooo happy to have that surgery. Sorry to ramble just wanted you not to worry too much. I hope you get the help you need soon! :bigarmhug:

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Oh, no!! I will definitely say a prayer for you. I hope you feel better soon.

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Oh my gosh - that sounds completely awful! I hope you are feeling better soon.

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Yikes! I hope you feel better fast. How awful!

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Gall stones are definitely no fun! I got them while pregnant with T.J. but was misdiagnosed as sciatica and back labor. After I had T.J. the pains put me on the floor and a trip to the ER revealed I had several and had thrown a couple into the duct and they got stuck. When you have a blocked liver, things can get bad. Hopefully they will get to you soon. If you do have to have it removed, the downtime really isn't that bad. However, STAY AWAY from GREASY foods for a while afterward. TRUST ME!

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:bigarmhug: I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. PLEASE KUP when you can!

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I'm so sorry! That is awful. Please let us know what happens.

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Just letting you gals know that Im scheduled for surgery to remove the horrible thing that is my gallbladder tomorow (tues) at 8:50am. All the prayers and well wishes would be helpful! Thanks in advance! Hopefully I can get to my regular self soon!

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I hope the surgery goes well for you, you'll be in my thoughts!

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Surgery went well, just recovering and sleeping a bunch now. I'll probably start eating some somewhat real food soon. I four tiny incisions, three by my ribs and one by my belly button. Zylin calls them "tracks" Lol Thanks for all the prayers!

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I'm glad it went well! Continued wishes for a speedy recovery Biggrin

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Glad to hear the surgery went well! I had my first gallbladder attack when Brooklyn was just 5 days old and I wasn't able to have it removed until she was 3 weeks old. The pain of the attacks was far worse than labor and since it was fresh in my memory I can say without a doubt that it was worse! My recovery was very fast, I was back to normal again after only 4 days. I hope your recovery is a fast one too!