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Michael's Rocks

I had to pick up some embroidery thread to send to my g'ma today. While I was in there I thought I would look at the carts and decide which one I was going to exchange my Jasmine cart for. I was looking at them and a worker came by and said, "It's hard to choose huh?"

I told her that I had one that I was returning and wanted to see which one to exchange it for. She started telling me how she buys them for her daughter and I should wait til they go on sale. I explained where mine came from and how they were cheaper.

So, she was the assistant manager and she told me I could exchange my cart there!!!! I got paper dolls and she saved me from paying the shipping to return it and the shipping to send me back a new one!!! Yahoo I've already played with it! Smile

And I also bought this. It is awesome! It's real fine tipped and is completely opaque. I found it over in the woodcraft area.

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that's awesome that she exchanged it for you there, cool deal!

whatcha gonna do with the pen?

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How great that they let you exchange it there. I love my local Michaels, the people there are always super helpful. Happy cutting with your new carts!

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So cool she let you do that!! That's customer service!

Are you planning on using that pen on your scrapbooks, or for wood projects?

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that is sweet that they let you exchange it there. can't wait to see some paper dolls creations Smile

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Cool on the exchange. When I first got my cricut, the lady there wouldn't do an exchange without a receipt. After a lot of complaints, Micheals began to be better about their policy.

What's the pen for? How does it work?

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Woah! thats super nice that she exchanged the cart for you! Im interested in what you're going to do with the pen too.

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Wow, that was nice of her!

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GREAT deal!!

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That's awesome!

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excellent! good manager:)

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Wow. You really don't see service like that anymore. That's awesome. Michael's gets a thumbs up from me. Although....I have never been in there. I guess I need to. Wink