Miles has a secret... (pg ment, xp)

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Miles has a secret... (pg ment, xp)

I can NOT believe it. Somebody pinch me, please! I was waiting for Miles to wake up this morning and started feeling so sick. I went and sat down on the couch to rest while I had the chance. I started thinking it was a different kind of sick, and then I remembered AF was due today, but it wasn't how I normally feel before her visit. So I went and POAS and there was a very faint line. As soon as Miles woke up I got him dressed and fed and we headed to the pharmacy! I've tested with 3 different brand tests and they're all positive!!!

It looks like my EDD is March 2! Yahoo

Dh doesn't know yet...he's at work. He is going to be SHOCKED. We've been thinking #2 isn't going to happen because we had a hard time getting pregnant with Miles and I have so much scar tissue (from having surgery on each ovary) so he is going to be thrilled!!!

(Nothing on Facebook just yet!)

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what's with the pregnancies on this board?! Wink I'm so thrilled!!!!

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Congrats! That is exciting. I have to say I am joining in with saying, I need to not drink the water that everyone else on this board is drinking. Wink
How are you going to tell DH? anything special?

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Yeah seriously. While I am so very thrilled for all the BFPs we've been getting here (and especially for y'all with difficult cases), I will join the "Don't drink the water" club with Gwen and Melly.

Congrats Ashley. This is wonderful news.

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wooo hooo!!! congrats!!!

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congrats!! i lovee all these BFPs on this board lately and im glad its not me! Lol keep that water far far away from me! haha

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I'm so excited! I can't tell you how thrilled I am. You better be posting over on the March board Wink

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My goodness!!! I can't believe all of these BFP's

Congratulations Ashley! I am so happy for you.

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woweeeeee! congrats Yahoo Gwen is right...there are a TON of preggos on here right's an epidemic of the best kind Biggrin

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Congrats! I'm excited for all you preggos. Gives me excitement for this cycle.

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Congratulations! Wishing you a HH9M!

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Congratulations Ashley!! So happy for you guys!! I'm going to be living vicariously through you ladies... i sure do miss being pregnant, but we're pretty sure that our family is complete.

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Holy Cow! Congrats!

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There are a lot of you aren't there?? LOL How fun! So happy for you Ashley. I wish you a very HH9M girl!! Congrats!

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I'm so excited for you!!! And it's an epidemic!!! lol

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OMG!! All these pregnancies are making me cry tears of joy!!! Your due date was the same as Cohen's last year!! March 2nd!! I can't believe a year ago I was just finding out I was pregnant. I'm soooooooooooooooooooo happy for you guys!!! Miles is going to be a big brother....woooohooo!! Man, I better get busy right now with making baby shoes for all these bambinos. Wink

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Congrats!!!! How absolutely exciting! What is that now, three due around the same time? Scrapbooking triplets? :eek:

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Congrats to you! I know Miles is going to be a fun big brother!

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Eeek, Ashley congrats!!!! Such amazing news all over this board. I will definitely have to be checking out the March board when I can for updates on you ladies.

HH9Ms girl!

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Wow yes alot of BFPs!!! Congratulations! I'm sure this baby will be so adorable just like Miles.

I'm definitely staying away from the water too...we have too much going on right now and dd isn't even 1 yet.