Miles is obsessed w/my Cricut!!

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Miles is obsessed w/my Cricut!!

I keep my Cricut in the closet of Miles' playroom with all of my other crafting supplies. The other day I was cleaning up in the kitchen and I heard a huge thud. I went in there to see what he was doing and he had gotten into the closet and was trying to CARRY my Cricut to me. I have the Expression so it's pretty heavy. The thud is when he dropped it, lol!

Ever since he discovered it's in there he wants to push the buttons! I had to cut random things out just so he could push the "Cut" button for me.

We cut out every letter of the ABC's and hung them on our Christmas tree. Just so he could push "Cut" ROFL The letters on our tree turned out pretty cute!

Loving this new obsession... Wink

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haha! that is too cute!

Nathan wanted to hang out with me while I scrapped one day...he wanted shapes to put on his picture (Crayons weren't enough). Since this was before Thanksgiving, I cut him a bunch of leaves and pumpkins, put them through the Xyron, and gave him his "Stickers" to put on his picture. well a 2 1/2 year old can stick them on the paper about as fast as I could crank them was more work for me and I got less scrapping done than I had hoped...but it was cute.

eta: he is obsessed with my Cars cartridge and likes me to add them to the screen when I am using my Gypsy.

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Smile What a fun stage! Especially since he shares in your love of makes it nice when you want to scrap. Wink I can get a lot done as long as I include Kayson.

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Charys, what a CUTE siggy picture!!

Yes, he goes crazy with stickers. I would never be able to keep up! I did cut him a dinosaur the other day and laminated it so that kept him busy for a bit!

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How fun!! Dropping the E though, not so fun. LOL

And yes nice to see that pic...I have so missed you!!

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I think it is sooooooo cute that our little guys get into our scrapbooking too! I actually made space in my scrapbook room for a little desk for Xavier to 'scrapbook' at. He comes in randomly while I am in there and does little projects. Not only does it make him feel special, it allows us time together while still allowing me to get some scrapping done! Smile