MIL's 50th b-day gift (large pics)

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MIL's 50th b-day gift (large pics)

Sorry the pictures are so large. I took them after I had them in the book already and I forgot to take them only 1 page at a time. She has the book now so I can't retake them.

Title page
Sorry it got so much flash on it the pics are not so washed out on the LO.

The rest are done in page years. 2 open pages with the same color is one year. They are meant to have the same color background for the year but not be an open LO.






Last page. As the years go on I will keep making her year pages to put in her book but this will always be the last page and will get more babies added on should we ever have more.

She loved it all.

It was 8 straight hours work on my part while DH and SIL watched the kids.

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That looks great! I love how each year has the same color background. And I REALLY like the flower that you did on the green page.

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Oh, I just love the one with the big flower made of paper and pictures, so cute!

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Wow that's a lot of work! Great job! Biggrin

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She's gonna love it for sure! I like that big flower, thats a really clever idea! And the stars are super cool...I never would think of something like that. You did alot of hard work, 8 hours! Wow! Good work!

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What a neat gift idea! I like 2007 the best I think...cause so many pics displayed so well. TFS

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Great gift idea - I love how you made the book 'expandable' to add in more babies if/when they come Smile

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I love how you got soooo many photos on the pages!! Nice job!

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what a terrific gift!!! totally worth the time spent on it. that flower page is my favorite.

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Very cute pages.

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She will appreciate that! Very sweet of you! Great work!