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mini challenge question

do you think we should stagger the challenges? should I wait until next week to start the mini challenge? or does it make sense to have two challenges going at the same time for similar durations?

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I like the idea of more than one going at a time. Maybe stagger them by a few days, but I don't see anything wrong with two going at the same time.

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I don't see a problem with having more going on at a time...then again I have not participated in them yet! LOL

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I say start whenever you want! If we have more than one going, it might give us a chance to complete atleast one. Smile

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I like a few going, it gives options if you want to sit out of 1 challenge and do the other. Smile But I do like staggering the days.

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Having them at the same time works for me. I just get them done when I have time. Every once in a while, I don't get one of them done, but at least I did the other. Smile