Mini Gift Bags and Etched frame (updated with frame pics)

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Mini Gift Bags and Etched frame (updated with frame pics)

I found 3 packs of Lindor Lindt truffles at Target the other day. So I snagged 6 for the teachers at Nathan's daycare. I had to come up with a cute way to package them...I used mini gift bags from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More (though I did have to fold down the top of the Lindor truffles bag to fit it in the largest bag that I could cut with the Create...oh how I would love to have a Cricut Expression!) Anywhoooo, here are the cute little bags...

these were so easy to assemble that i am considering doing these bags for favors at my best friend's wedding shower (Rather than the cake slice shaped boxes...those take longer to put together)

Today I also used contact paper and armor etch to alter a collage frame that I bought at target for my parents. I etched "family", "love" a heart, a flower, and some flourishes on the glass of 6 of the 8 frame openings.

ETA: I took a bunch of pics (just for you Charys) can kind of see the etching. IT is mostly tough b/c of lighting and the generic pics that are in the frame from when I bought it. If I had the time, I could have put a solid piece of cardstock in each one. are a bunch of pics, and you can see some etching in each...
the whole thing (which by the way, Target calls a "college frame" but i thought it was a Collage frame...silly Target)

Love, Heart, Flower (lower left, hard to see)

Flourish, Family

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very cute!

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What an adorable gift idea!! Love them! I'd love to see the etched glass...maybe just try a pic.

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added pics to original post Smile

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LOVE those cute little bags, and that frame is really neat. I could see them when you had the labeled pic. Funny that it's called a college frame...weird. Smile

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Lauren, I love that frame! Such a nice idea!! My friend was just showing me how easy the etching stuff is. I have to try it! I guess I am running out of time for gifts for this year, but I am definitely keeping it in mind. TFS!

P.S. Too funny about the college frame! Lol

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Very nice! The frame will look nice once pictures are in - you'll really be able to see the etching then!

Love the gift bags! Too funny Target calls it a "College Frame"

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It's beautiful! The scrolls were just the perfect thing to etch into that glass. TFS...perfect gift idea!

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Beautiful etchings!

I do love the little bags. I absolutely can't wait to try them on my cricut.

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the bags are so cute! and I LOVE the etching on the frames, just beautiful! cracking up about the "college" frame Wink