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mini update

We are still waiting to hear about the house, I guess the realtor for the bank (it's a foreclosure) didn't even submit the paper work to them until friday :angry1:. So hopefully we hear something on Tuesday.

In other news I got into a tiny accident coming home from work Friday night (technically it was really early Sat morning). We had gotten a bunch of snow that day and I started sliding. Slid into a turn lane and decided to just keep going that way since I was already there. Started sliding some more and couldn't correct the van enough, and was afraid of hitting the stoplight (or worse) so went with what I thought was the safest option- I hit the curb. Well come to find out I bent the whole front end: rim, strut and all. Got a quote from my mechanic today and over $1200 to fix!! :eek: Submitted a claim to insurance but they want to send out a guy to look at it, sounds like there was a lot of damage to the underside of the van (?). I hope they don't total it. So until then we are in a rental car, it's a nice car, just means we can't go anywhere as a family.

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that stinks that the realtor waited until the Friday of a holiday weekend to submit the paperwork. fingers crossed on that. that really sucks about the car, but I'm glad you and everyone is okay. hope you get it fixed!!! it's scary driving on bad roads, I'm not a fan of that at all myself.

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Ugh, I'm sorry about both the house taking so long and the accident! Sad Bummer!

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I'm sorry about your van. That stinks. Hope the house continues to go through.

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Oh man! That sucks about the accident! I'm just glad to hear that you're ok! (you can always replace vehicles!) Hopefully the insurance will cover it and you get your van fixed really soon!

I hope that everything works out with the house!! PLease keep us updated!

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I am glad to hear you are all okay! Sorry to hear about the van though. I am hoping for great news on the house! kup!