Mini VC winners

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Mini VC winners

Challenge #1 - B&W - Winner: Carrie (Princess Leia)

Challenge #2 - Recipe - Winner: Katie (kel-02)

Challenge #3 - Wordart - Winner: Mish (MommyMish)

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Ok, seeing those here all in one place- that's bizarre, all 3 winners are from the same birth board. is weird! lol

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Fun!!!! Thanks, Trina! Smile

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I didn't see this thread! Just PMed you about the BB thing. I thought it was strange, too! I guess Feb 08 is just well represented on the scrapbooking board, too. Congrats, ladies!

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Awesome ladies!!!!

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Woot! Yay, this made my tired day brighter.

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Well done girlies! Smile

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Congrats girls!!!!

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Congratulations!! Smile

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congrats ladies!!!!

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