Miss you alll!

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Miss you alll!

Hey girls sorry I have been gone but my internet is down right now Sad I did however finally come back to my love of scrapbooking! Last night I made a page on Damien's watermelon face and I even made my own watermelons to go on it! I just have to get the pic developed and then I will post it the next time I am at my inlaws but just wanted to say I am so happy to get the bug back!!!! I also went scrapbooking shopping so that may have helped a little Smile

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Hey girl! Glad to hear alls well. Will be waiting to see that page. Smile

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Hi! It looks like almost everyone is away from the boards at the moment! I am glad to hear that you are scrapping! Yay! I need to get some done, but I can't find time. boo

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sounds like a cute page!! Looking forward to seeing new work from you Biggrin I haven't been around either...been so sick from pregnancy nausea...I think Wayne was even testing how much was true cuz he drove me to michaels on the way home from getting a few groceries and said "let's go look for new scrap stuff!"....I said "hun, thank you, but all I wanna do is go home to sleep ...please..." He was shocked. lol