Mmmmm ... strawberries LO

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Mmmmm ... strawberries LO

strawberry mmmm jpg

Kit was from Tracie Stroud, a freebie from the So You Think You Can Design Challenge.

Journaling: Daddy was so nice to serve me breakfast (including some strawberries).
But you mooched them from me very quickly! It was worth it to see you enjoy it so much, though. June 14, 2009

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hehehe that is adorable!! i love the Mmmm and the piccies are great!!!

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oh those colors and shades are so cute with this!! Adorable layout!

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The colors on the background are perfect for a strawberry LO. Really sweet journaling too!

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love it!!!!! and it is making me crave strawberries, big time!

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very cute! i like how you did the mmmmm...!

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Oooh, it's gorgeous! I'm loving how the picture and journalling boxes look like stamps. Smile

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Very cute! I love how the frames look like stamps!!!

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oh i absolutely adore it! Great job!:D

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Utterly adorable. I love the color scheme, so fitting without screaming strawberry at the viewer.

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Super cute layout!

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LOVE your titlework, you did awesome!

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Beautiful LO! TFS

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I love it! The colors and everything just perfect!

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Adorable!!! Such a cute event to scrap Smile

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So cute!