Mojo might be coming back!

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Mojo might be coming back!

Here is one I did tonight and if felt good to do it. So hopefully my Mojo is kicking back in. LOL

I'm going to journal on the back of this one. Not enough room on the front because I like my pics BIG!

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awwww!! That is toooo cute!! Great job!!

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Lol So funny!

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OMG! I love that page! I have to lift that monkey it is so cute!

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LOVE that! I need to do some like that someday as one always copies the other around here too!! Great job Shellie!

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Just adorable!

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that's adorable! I love it! hooray for returning mojo, so good to see you scrapping again!

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Adorable page!

I love the alpha you used -- so jungle-y! And those monkeys have got character. Great page!

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that's so great! loving those vibrant colors with b&w photos Biggrin

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That is so cute and too funny also! Glad to hear your mojo is coming back!

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That's so cute!! Huzzah for mojo! Biggrin

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That has got to be one of the cutest layouts I've seen in a long time!!! This just made me smile! Love it Shelly!