Mommymish and K9Trainer meetup (pics)

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Mommymish and K9Trainer meetup (pics)

We met in the hotel lobby where Michelle was staying. Her family is so sweet, beautiful and fun. We didn't stay long and I didn't get a whole lot of pics, but I did take some. Austin was so excited to meet a fellow scrapper that he talked poor Michelle's head off. Smile But she was a good sport. She also brought me a box full of her cards that she made and some partially made cards that we can add stuff to. She is so sweet and it is so neat to see her work in the flesh and be able to use it!! So without further are some pics.

Keeran and Katie:

Another Keeran and Katie:

Austin just when he was "warming up":

Michelle's sweet hubby took this one:

Of course we couldn't forget Austin:

That's all folks. We really weren't there long to get many pics, but I am glad I got to meet my sweet friend. TFL

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Awesome. so cool that you two could meet!

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Haha... I look so pregnant and huge already! Forgot I have the sea bands on when we met!

I think Katie scared poor Keiran. Katie is quite the personality. That's my hubby's legs and torso in the first picture. Smile

In the Austin warming up picture, in the background, that 2 of my cousins, my uncle, my dad and my grandma. That's not even touching on the family that was there either! My oldest two didn't meet Carrie because they had been waiting ALL day to swim.

It was so good of Carrie to come out and meet me. I had a blast!

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that's so cool that you got to meet! funny about Austin chatting Michelle's ear off, that's great! and kudos to you for getting mommy shots! so often the moms are left out of the pictures when there's a meetup.

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How FUN!!!!! I love how Austin was excited to meet up too!! You girls are so cute together! I'm insanely jealous, but uber happy that you were able to do that! Biggrin Thanks for sharing these with us!

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That's so cool you guys got to meet!!!

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So cool and very exciting. I also am super jealous! Were your dh's happy that neither of you were serial killers lol!

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How exciting! Looks like a lot of fun!

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My husband kept mumbling that he wasn't going to come down with me... he didn't want to meet my "weirdo" friend, etc. But when it was time to go down, he insisted on coming with me. My dad then bought him a drink and hubby started to relax but then he told me "I'm staying by the family... you can go talk by yourself". But as soon as Carrie showed up, he popped up and came over (and actually wanted to). He chatted up Carrie's husband the entire time... Men are silly!

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That's so cool that you guys were able to meet up. Loved the pics of you all together!

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So cool that you were able to meet! TFS the pics!

"tialee" wrote:

Were your dh's happy that neither of you were serial killers lol!

Haha! My DH is pretty sure all of my "imaginary friends" are serial killers. I mentioned meeting someone from my BB one time and he looked at me like a was a loony toon!

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Ha!! My DH is not happy doing it, but he does it for me. We've met four people from here now and so far we're still alive. Smile