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Monday QOTD

What's your feel for today? General Monday blahs or a little more chipper? Wink

For me I'm having the Monday blahs. I love working with the kids but it's a totally different ball game having 6 kids come trample through your house daily. lol I can't really complain though. They are all such awesome kids. I just wish the weather was nicer so we could get back to the daily park trips we were having. At the moment it's so cold and wet that they whine as soon as you mention outdoors and so it's more like 10 minute sessions running off steam in the yard and staright back in for warmth. lol

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Good. I worked out this morning so feeling good.

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In between I guess. I have a doctors appt today, so that's always tons of fun! It's a Monday, but so far, a good one.

Karen- I remember those days. I hated winter b/c the days DRUG by.

Stephanie- WTG on working out! I need to, but I have no desire to. I WILL after Randy gets here though.....I HAVE to.

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I guess it's the blahs but I don't really know. DS and I slept in so I am appreciative of that but now I am behind. I still have to get us dressed and out the door to pick up the kids. Then, I need to make it to the grocery store and come back here to struggle with school for 4 hours. All I want to do is scrapbook and nap.

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FRUSTRATED. We're having dd's first bday party Saturday, and my house is a mess. I'm working from home today but having trouble connecting to my computer at work, so that's making me mad, I've been up for 4 hours doing payroll and I've gotten ONE cheque done. Out of 50. I'm going to be here forever.

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We survived a 1st and 4th joint birthday party, a baptism and a baptism party. We're still on vacation. Hubby got the chance to attend a conference which will just reignite his work spirit (and he gets to reconnect with some seminary buddies). I got to mail out about a bazillion packages I've needed to get out. I get time with my mommy and daddy, brother, sil and nephew.

The only fly in the ointment is I'm kind of eager to get home too because we had to do all that rearranging before we left (because a curtain rod fell under it's own weight and left a softball sized hole in the wall). We essentially have a new living room and kitchen because of all the reorganization. I want to get home and finish straightening everything up. I also want to see if they came in while we were gone or not. Did it get fixed? Are they going to do other work as long as they're there, etc.

Being here is good though because it keeps me from doing those busy projects and instead forces me to do things like finally finish addressing the Christmas cards for hubby's family, etc. LOL

We so needed this vacation, quick as it is.

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so-so... we had a nice night last night, friends came over to watch the superbowl and our Steelers won Yahoo On the flip side, everyone here is still sick with cold and DS is being a bear to get down for naps...but I don't work on Mondays, so that is a ray of sunshine in the day too Smile

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Definitely the Monday Blah's. I've had the stomach flu since Wednesday and it's not getting better. Then today I got my period. BLAH!

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blahs here ... I need to mop right now, Natalie should be napping, Jack should be napping, I REALLY need to do the Wii Fit (especially after all I ate last night) ... but all I want to do is sleep. It's making me grumpy.

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I got up got Peter to school. Came home took a shower and ate. Heath has been fussing all day he has a rash. Tessa has been drawing me pictures all day or watching TV. After we get Peter from school we are going to MIL's work to bring her b-day gift to her and that should be fun.

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It's ok but I'm tired. Miles has been napping a little over an hour, dh is home today, he's got Monday's off. I have to work today from 4-8 (I work 2 nights a week) so other than that my day is going pretty good.

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It's been a good day, but I am really tired. It snowed for the second time this year and Madison really enjoys it, so it's fun to see her so excited.

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New to this board..

I'm Gina!! When I have the time, I love to scrapbook.. oddly enough it has always been for gifts, never for myself.. but hopefully with an LO soon.. that will change.. and I am starting family tree scrapbook with great-great-grandparents/ heritage book for my parents.. so when I need inspiration I am coming here..


Monday Blah's Here...

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Hmmm lets see... it was a blah monday here. My prechoolers were NUTS today. It was like they all forgot how to listen over the weekend and all left their listening ears at home. Ugh! Only 13 more school days til a weeks vaca!

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First, Hi Gina!!! Glad you joined us!

Mondays are always busy for me. I have catering for 25-30 every tuesday at lunchtime, so I get a lot prepared on Mondays. Plus today DH needs some help on a job, so I'll be leaving in a bit.

I'm happy though! I love staying busy and catering! Kayson is being pretty good today too, so that's nice!

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Welcome Gina!

Eh- kinda Blah for me today! Kids are crazy at school b/c we can't go outside. The weather was 65 yesterday and this morning it snowed for a few minutes so my sinuses are driving me crazy.

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just have to tell you a quick funny (and gross) story about speaking too soon. You know how this morning I was having Monday blahs about all 6 daycare kids over after a nice weekend to ourselves? Well it ended up being a particularly nice day. Not one hiccup in the day and it was about 3pm already. The kids were just finishing snack and i was washing their dishes. Wayne was wiping faces of younger ones...I go "It's gone super smoothly today hey hun?...(no answer)...Wayne? It's been really easy today hey?" I turn around to a weird sound and there he is holding his hands out for almost 3 year old Catherine who just threw up her snack all in his hands. Just as I'm saying how nice it's been today. lol Spoke too soon Lol . Poor kiddo...and poor guy! I asked why he didn't call me and or just run for a bucket and he goes "I didn't think. She was so proud of her new Dora shirt and I was trying to keep her from getting sick on it." How sweet is that?! a gross way Lol