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Monday QOTD

When you grocery shop, what's something you always like to buy (besides the usual bread, milk, etc)....

I always have to have Coke Zeros in the house. I'm way too into pop. And Reese Peanut Butter cups...though I'm using my spending money (now that the daycare is taking off) and buying a treadmill so that's going to be cut down on Lol

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cheese is a must here! wish it was a food group by itself, I'd be set!

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Right now it's gummy bears because I'm trying to bribe DS into using the big boy potty. It's not working real well and DH keeps eating all the gummy bears!!!! :rolleyes:

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Since being pregnant I need to have something chocolate. I love Hersheys Hugs, and the Dove chocolates with almonds. Mmmmmm

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string cheese (for DS and for my lunches when I work)

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Cheese- sharp cheddar (or extra sharp if it's Kraft) and colby jack and shredded Mexican blend.

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Blueberry bagels. I just found them and I have fallen in LOVE! I love Reese's PB cups too, but the BEST are the eggs.....YUMMY! Ok, now I need bagels and Reese's! Lol

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pretty much every time I go it's bananas, cheese and chips. lol. what a combo.

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Chips or crackers, tho I'm trying not to anymore.

And a chocolate bar for dh - if I don't get him one he whines.

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Nothing. I don't have any "must haves" other than bread and milk that I get Every time.

Sometimes I'll get cheese, sometimes I'll get Peanut butter, or chips, but I don't get the same thing every time.

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I don't get them that often anymore, but I love the frozen panini sandwiches.

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Our dogs are mad crazy about cheese (and we are too) so I never leave the store with a bag of shredded cheese and a package of sliced cheese for the dogs.

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Choc. milk is a usual "treat" and I always keep a gallon of icecream in the house, but that's usually a every couple month buy.

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Cheese is a must, we always have to have some sort of shredded cheese in the house. Fruit is a major one as well, apples, bananas, strawberries, mandarin oranges- if I don't have those I get yelled at by my 3 yr old dd.

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a variety of fruit

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Hmm... cheese and chips for us.

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You guys are way too good! We're not that diciplined. We usually get some sort of we got ice cream bars for DS. I got wine. DH got some frozen lunch stuff. We always have soda in the house.

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I can use them for snacks, a side at lunch or even a breakfast if we are running late in the am.