Monday QOTD

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Monday QOTD

Name 2 things you love about your man....

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for Wayne I love that he is very compassionate towards others. He doesn't like to see anyone go without. He's bought grocery gift cards and invited one of the daycare Moms(and her daughter) out for dinner with us because she isn't getting many hours at work and is really struggling.

And on a totally unrelated thing...he is SOOOOO super funny. He and I laugh all the live long day. He's so quick witted I often wonder if sound gets to him first cuz how can he respond THAT fast with something THAT funny. lol

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He is not afraid to help with housework. He works to take care of his family.

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He is laid back, which sometimes is bad b/c he needs a kick in the pants to get motivated, but since I am worry prone, he is good at balancing me out and calming me down.

He likes when I wear no makeup and don't go all out with the hair. The other day, he even told me he thinks I am beautiful even when bumming around in sweats (he didn't phrase it like that but I mentioned feeling bad that I look like such a bum a lot of the time and that was his reponse).

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He is such a good provider and VERY good looking Wink

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1) He's a man of God.
2) He's a family man. What I mean by that is- he works hard, but he knows that family is more important than money.

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His great sense of humor and his persistance (that got me to go out with him to begin with)

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He puts God and his family above anything.

He is clean and cooks too. Biggrin

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Okay I thought this would be easy...but picking just two things I love about him is hard!

I love that he always knows when something is bothering me even when I am trying to keep it to myself.

I love that he would do absolutely anything for Xavier without a second thought.

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His big heart - he may act like a tough guy, but deep down he's a softie.
His sense of humor.

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He gives me such an overwhelming feeling of security.

He is the greatest father I could ever have imagined.

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He's my best friend! My BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha! ROFL

He is a kindhearted, God loving man! Smile