Monkey cake (OT)

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Monkey cake (OT)

My niece is turning 16 and requested that I make her a monkey cake. I'll keep it short by saying she's a cancer survivor and just a tad bit spoiled rotten. So FIVE hours in the kitchen and probably won't be able to bend my fingers tomorrow, I'm finally done!

The cake suffered an almost catastrophic end when it slid off the platter but I was able to salvage it. And no, it didn't hit the floor. Well, actually part of it did but I didn't use that part. ROFL

And the cupcakes:


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No way! That is way too cute!!! She is going to absolutely love it Biggrin And it looks so have no idea how much I want to leap into it and devour every last bite. LOL

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WOWEEE!!!!! Those are so awesome, Kelly! Unbelievably cute!

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That is the cutest idea ever!!!! OMG, I am so putting that in my birthday idea file! Too cute!!!!!

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those are the cutest things i have ever seen! I swear, I love that cake and the cupcakes. She is going to love that!

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So cute!!!!

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OMG Kelly! I sooooo love all of it, but especially that cake! How cute!! My two year old would LOVE it too! And those cupcakes are darling. TFS

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I LOVE IT!!!! I have to make this cake for Damien's 2nd birthday!!! He loved it also he laughed as he saw it!

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Totally cute!

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Those look great! Good work!

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The cake is adorable and those cupcakes are super sweet. Nice job.

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Adorable!!!!!!! What a nice aunt you are!

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That's really cute!

I did a monkey cake and monkey brownies for my nephew's birthday in November, and I am doing them again for Mason's birthday in May. These are the ones I did:

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okay, that cake and cupcakes are way too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The doughnut ears are my favorite part of that. Such creativity. I'm sure she's going to love it!

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hehehe those are just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How ADORABLE Is that?!?!! SOOO cute!!!!! Love the donuts for ears. Smile

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Oh my gosh!! Those turned out sooo stinkin' cute! She is going to LOVe them!!

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Wow, you really did a great job!